Kaleigh Cloyd

Kaleigh is our favorite college girl! She started at Absolute Bridal when she was  a senior in high school. We have missed her greatly while she has been away studying. But on lucky days, she returns to use to help out. She has a creativity unlike others, often pairing things we would never expected to create amazing looks for our clients.  We are blessed by her sweet spirit!


Crystal Jordan

Crystal is an amazingly talented girl who is interning under our seamstress. She has so much unique spirit, we are excited to have her with us! She has an eccentric love of the vintage flare, a family trait we find charming. She is truly gifted in the world of sewing and we cannot wait to see where she ends up in life...so much talent, at such a young age! Whether she is helping you choose the right look for your event or helping to achieve the perfect fit on the seamstress size, you will never be disappointed with her amazing skills!


Chantilly "Tilly" Satterfield

Chantilly Satterfield wears many hats here at Absolute Bridal. She is the owner, the in-house designer, and custom design seamstress. Her true passion has always been creating beautiful fashion pieces and she has happily found her place here at Absolute. Chantilly has a degree in Apparel Design and Manufacturing. She was blessed to intern under the wonderful Australian Designer Akira Isogawa. Most days you can find her lovingly at her sewing machine working on something charming and wonderful! Her creativity is fueled by her constant explorations into the world. Chantilly loves to travel the world and know people as they are within the world. She ensures that the quality of service Absolute Bridal provides is always of the highest standards.


Carmyn Rodriguez

Carmyn our girl Carmyn!! She originally came to us as a bridesmaid for a sweet bride. We loved her so much we begged her to model in our fashion shows. Then, when we couldn't get enough of her, we begged her to join our team. She is often only around on Saturdays, but even in small doses she is brings a spark of true happiness to our souls! Carmyn has the personality that makes people instantly adore her. She has a caring spirit and a genuine ability to really value people. Her desire to celebrate the little things and her holiday spirit are infectious. We cannot say how much of a blessing she is to our little Absolute family!


Kaitlyn Murray

Kailtlyn is another of our sweet brides that came to work with us during her alterations process. We couldn't get enough of her sparkling personality. She had unique ideas on blending elements of different dresses to create her perfect one and we loved creating it for her. It's this amazing thinking and ability to forsee a new design that we adored about her!


Megan Doeling

She is the newest addition to our group. Megan is soft and sweet. She has been married 19 years and in essence embodies what every bride is looking for long term. She is an artist at heart, having been involved in photography for years. She sees the beauty in everything and can help every client find the right garment to feel that beauty. She has the patience and understanding that only comes from being a mother of four. She hears and addresses every concern a client may have to ensure their happiness!


Our jobs are full of joy and happiness.... There is nothing more charming then a bride in love!